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Show announcement...

I am having a show at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography Gallery. The show opens on First Friday, February 5th, and all of the photographs will be cycling related. The images will hang through the end of March. Hope to see you there...

But since it is still winter, here's a shot from a biathlon race I shot a few days ago...

At the Getty

School group

Next stop

10-hour drive to the coast of the gulf

Breakfast in Labelle

With the locals. And's high comedy with the retired community from Labelle.


From lows in the mid-70's a couple of days ago, to leaving Fort Myers Beach in 40 degree temps. Kinda brrrr.

With the locals

Washing clothes with the local folks. Everyone here seems to decorate their bikes...this bike has flowers and a plastic parrot. On the way here I saw a guy riding his bike down the street with a real parrot on his handlebars. This place is different....

Trapped by the rain

Another off day in Key West. Came to the post office to mail items. Have been trying to leave for almost an hour but the rain is coming down so hard that we can't even run a block down the road. Wow...impressive!

Island bicycles

Getting some bike love...


An iguana

Came inside when we were there.

Shooting while riding 2

Shooting while riding

At the butterfly conservatory

In a butterfly dress

Bike path

In a light rain into sunshine

Long long bike bridge in the keys


86 degrees and bright sunshine. Keep stopping for liquids and shade...


We also shared the campsite with 3 iguanas. It will be a good idea to zip the tent tonight...


We met Mario, Natalie and their children on the road today. They are from Quebec and have been cycling for four months. We ended up sharing a campsite and great dinner. Thast seems to happen when on bike trips.

Racing darkness

A few things made this a long day. Urban riding in downtown Miami; a smoothie; a dog in a ditch. We ended up rolling into Florida City in darkness and right across the street from the campground was a Ramada. Guess where we stayed....

rest stop by the beach

Formal riding attire

High rise living

We stayed in a high rise in Miami Beach on our first night of the trip. With downtown Miami on one side.


And the ocean and beach on the other side.

Ready for rain

A few showers, but at 80 degrees its not bad...

shopping and packing

I've never done a bike trip in the winter, and I've never been to Key West. So why not combine the two? It seems like such an occasion calls for a new wardrobe. So a trip to Goodwill happened and some amazing garments were procured.