kickball kicks

i can just see it. i'll be 73 years old in the year 2050 as i sit in a television studio in sweeden, right after receiving the nobel peace prize. i'll be recounting the days from the beginning of the century. about how the economy crashed and we fell into a depression, both as a human culture and a mental condition. no one knew how to pull us out of it. as a human race, we had lost all hope. we had to find hope. so i went digging through my basement in the year 2020 and found a box containing some prints that i had made while attending the rocky mountain school of photography. i was a partner at the time of hannah/tom studios, and our first ever assignment was shooting kickball. that gave me an idea. kickball can get us out of this state that we are in. so i found an old kickball and started playing with the neighborhood kids. and suddenly we had hope. others found out about it and started playing, and they had hope. town by town, kickball leagues were started and pretty soon a positive outlook spread all over the globe. the positivity that spread touched everything and everybody. and before we knew it, the human race was elevated into a state that it had never experienced before. after being driven into the ground by the bush administration, it was now back and more connected than ever. kickball fever.....kick it.