It's been a few months that I've been working for myself now. Shooting photos, editing photos, lining up jobs, learning Quickbooks, buying supplies. Who has time to travel? Do I change the blog name? I don't want to change it...I actually want to travel. So I'm going to have to think of more creative ways to do it. For this post, let's travel back in time. I shot a job last week of a client taking down a building at the old Stimson Mill in Bonner, Montana. In between shooting them, I wandered around the mill. It closed this past summer after over 100 years in operation. Walking through these old, cavernous warehouses really raises the hackles. The buildings seem to creak and groan as I tromped around with my camera and tripod. It would be eerily quiet one moment, and creaking the next. Which makes it that much more of a shock when a pigeon dive bombs out of the rafters, as if to say “This is our house now.”